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When pedigrees and pooper scoopers are all pushed aside, what you have left in a breeding program is not much more than the dream. A dream is all I had when I started trying to reproduce one small dog that turned heads everywhere she went. Some dreams are hard to hang on to. One day you just wake up and they are gone. Other dreams become so ingrained in you that you eat, sleep, and drink in the future reality of them. This is the way I became in my dream of recreating one little miniature husky. I never doubted that it could be done, the only question was 'how'?

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Somewhere, within the Great Land called Alaska, between the massive mountains, the vast oceans, the silent tundra and the endless sheets of ice, the Glacier Witch looked down and smiled at the bright-eyed tiny form in front of her.  After rescuing it from the icy waters, and drying it before the fire, it appeared somewhat smaller than before, and she was pleased.  For the little Husky's smaller size would make it an ideal companion. She searched the various native dialects and, deriving it's name from the Eskimo words for 'little dog', she christened the masked creature, 'Klee Kai'.   L.S.

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